Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I gave people what they deserve!

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  So I was really getting tired from my friends, in simple words they all are assholes! They wasn't happy to have friend like me, they fucked with my feelings changed the way i think bla bla bla. I didn't meet any of them fucker since 2 months when finally i met them after 2 months, they asked me where I have been? Seriously i was really tired of them didn't want to see their faces! 
    So I told them that I was in coma and i lost my memory so i can't really recognize who the hell they are! They didn't believe me at all so I showed them fake pictures of me having bandages on my head and arm, they started to believing me. And one friend asked how did this happen? Well nigga here comes one more story!
Manish: (btw my name is Manish) You know that i'm from india?
Friend: Yea!
Manish: So i have indian friends.. 
Friend: yess u do
Manish: one day i was at my indian friends home they all were drunk!
Friend: so..?
Manish: we started to cook something and my friend started to put chili in presser-cooker, you know I don't like chili?
Friend: don't you?
Manish: yeah i don't like chili, and when my friend was adding some chili in food I tried to stop him I said "pls don't put chili i don't like chili" and my indian friend just took fucking presser-cooker and threw at me!!
Manish: yea i know it's funny but true, like when was the last time you heard of someone throwing presser-cooker at you? 
Manish: you don't have to believe me but i can't remember anything from past!
Friend: you are a liar!
Manish: dude fuck you! You don't know how fucked i am right now, you don't have to believe me!
Manish: so i forgot swedish, can't recognize anyone!
Friend: so how the hell do you still speak english?
Manish: idk when i woke up I said who am I? And doctors said you was in coma for 10years but you came back in 2days (one doctor was racist he was whisper and said "lucky bastard")
Manish: fuck you!
Friend: you are a liar!
Manish: no i told you you don't have to believe me!
Friend: FINE! We believe you!
 ohh boys that escaplated quickly!
And now i'm predenting to be out of my mind, and i lost my memory for them because they don't deserve to have me!    

Sorry if there are spelling mistakes because spelling checker doesn't work in iPhone app! 
                    - Manish

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