Friday, December 27, 2013


My music teacher is a fucking asshole, you'll never read this anyway so why not write the reasons?

He can't hold a class good;
If someone talks he just tells them to be a little bit quite and since everyone hates him they start to talk even more.

He makes excuses all the time;
We didn't have time to learn so much about instrument but why? Cuz my fucking music teacher had his reason, that made everyone have less knowledge about instrument function.

He is just bad;
When we got our grades this cycle he told me i was getting a fucking D. Fuck you, he said i had A on everything except drums where i had E so he put a fucking D as my grade for this cycle wtf man. He told me i can get an A as my final grade when i end 9th grade by just singing for him, i mean wtf dude.

The only ones that got an A were 2 girls who have their parents help cuz they are fucking music teacher and they know the dude, who knows what they convinced him to do cuz i ain't believing this shit.


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