Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Play any song in Spotify app on iphone without shuffle (jailbreak tweak)

I found new way to play any song on spotify app on iphone without shuffle!
You won't be able to skip as many songs as you want but you'll be able to play any song that you want! (You need jailbroken iphone)

1. Open up Cydia.

2. Go to manage>sources>edit>add
    Add ""

3. Go to search and search for "Spotifree"

4. Install it (im not gonna install it because i already did)

5. Respring your iphone and open spotify
(If you want to skip songs you simply can double press home button and end task and then open spotify again)

Thanks for reading I hope it helped!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I love drinking beer!

Heineken is the best beer in the World!
Beer is good for your Health, I love to drink beer because i feel so happy when i drink it, btw i'm not addicted to beer i can stop if i want to but i don't want to because i like the feelings you get when you are a drunk :D.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Psycho Dream

So i just had this nightmare, or it might be a more disturbing dream i couldn't stop thinking about because it made me feel sad. So i just downloaded this app called iDream where you can search for the things that were in your dream.
I screenshotet, cropped and put it into a collage for you. So basically my dream was about me on an airplane with some pupils from other classes, the plane was about to fly but then i dissapeared. Then i saw myself with long hair and a white dress hanging from the bottom of the plane when the plane was going up but then i fell and was under a tunnel. The pilot, an old man helped me from out of there. 
Then i was in mental house with someone, can't remember who i was with. But then a psycho guy followed me and i run up for the stairs really scared of falling but then i fell. He grabbed my foot but then a nurse came to help me. The nurse made him go calm but then i saw the pain in his eyes. He started to cry. The nurse asked me: Did you say the word truth when you were around him?. Then i got a flashback remembering me saying the word "truth" infront of him and from there he started to chase me saying he wants me.

The nurse said the word truth makes him crazy. And i don't know why but at that moment i covered my ears and screamed the word truth as loud as i could and then poor psycho guy was on the ground crying his eyes out and screaming so loud it made me sad.

Then i woke up.....weird.


HAHAHHA i died at "Random black guy dance" x'D

Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's a whole new year

I want to wish you all a happy new year! <3 
I spent my new years with my family, i was laying in bed hugging my mum for one hour waiting for 2014. While laying there i got really teary because my mum stroke my head and my hands, i love her so much. I was looking back at my year and realizing everything i did and i know i could of have been a better daughter. I consider myself to be a good daughter but i always want to do better. At midnight i got a hug from my brother and dad too then we heard all the fireworks and run to the balcony to take pictures and record all the pretty fireworks. 

I have faith and hope and i will make this year the best year of my life, i have new years resolutions and one of them are to sleep better :c but the rest are secret ;) I didn't get a new years kiss damn it xD But it's ok, i spent the new years with my family and that felt great!
I hope you had an awesome new years! xoxo Naysha 

Happy new year

Well happy new year! my new year was really really bad I was enjoying with my friends and laughing,screaming and stuff like that (was really happy) and suddenly girl that i love came there with her friends (she left me for no reason 2-3 months ago) I used to talk with her friend all the time she came to front of me she was like oh Manish hug hug, I said fuck u and i ran away
but when i got away from them i realized that time is 11:53 and why would i ruin my new year?(becuase my friends was with them) so i decided to go back to my friends, when i got to my friends the girl i loved and her friends was also there, I was like WTF? my friend said to to girl that i loved "oh do you know this guy" then she didn't say a word she just hugged me like for 5minutes and me too i got really sad and i hugged her really tight she also hugged me really tight, and asked me how am i, i said idk how about you? she answered good.

I was wearing a costume and we started converstation something like this:-
She: you look like..
Manish: yes i know i look like an asshole because im drunk
She: no you look so handsome
Manish: thnx
Manish: with closed button or oppened?
She: closed my button
Manish: hugged her again
She: hugged me even more tight

Manish: to my friends hey take Picture of us, they said k

She's so fucking cute:3

Now it was almost 12:00 and everybody started to walk away to see fireworks, we also started to move on, while we were going i told everybody just go we are coming because i had so many questions for that girl! and my all friends and her friends was  going front of us and we were walking slow behind them...
She: how are you?
Manish: idk, and you?
She: good
Manish: why did you leave me for no reason? you could say "i hate you Manish" and that would be ok for me! but why did you went for no reason?
She: ....
Manish: ...
She: I'm sorry
Manish: it's... ok i guess?
Manish: You don't know what I went through, I started to skip my school, didn't talk to anyone, started to drink mom got really angry with me!
She: You are a good boy you should stop drinking and stuff
Manish: yep when i drink it's not myself, so i will stop!

AND i didn't even know it was 12:00 and everybody started to scream i was like wtf why everybody screaming? then i was like oh it's new fucking year and i hugged my friends and fml i hugged her again:( and like for 5-10 minutes we was looking at fireworks, then everybody started to move on, we also but i asked her again if i can talk to her again for one minute she said ok, i told my and her friends to go so i could talk with her alone, yeah im not an asshole but i hugged her again and she hugged me really really tight while hugging i said, im not kidding i really missed you so much, and i have 191837017 questions for you and can we meet? she said yes. And then we moved on again
so she just probably ruined my new year, because i was really really happy, i started to not care about her i was so happy without her, and again she showed me that she cares WTF, 

AND i woke up really sad i didn't know what the fuck to feel, I screamed, listened to sad music, i almost cried, i deleted my kik, instagram, snapchat fuuuu now i have to  download them again:/
I'm not going to meet her again because she made me who i am not!
The End.