Friday, January 3, 2014

Psycho Dream

So i just had this nightmare, or it might be a more disturbing dream i couldn't stop thinking about because it made me feel sad. So i just downloaded this app called iDream where you can search for the things that were in your dream.
I screenshotet, cropped and put it into a collage for you. So basically my dream was about me on an airplane with some pupils from other classes, the plane was about to fly but then i dissapeared. Then i saw myself with long hair and a white dress hanging from the bottom of the plane when the plane was going up but then i fell and was under a tunnel. The pilot, an old man helped me from out of there. 
Then i was in mental house with someone, can't remember who i was with. But then a psycho guy followed me and i run up for the stairs really scared of falling but then i fell. He grabbed my foot but then a nurse came to help me. The nurse made him go calm but then i saw the pain in his eyes. He started to cry. The nurse asked me: Did you say the word truth when you were around him?. Then i got a flashback remembering me saying the word "truth" infront of him and from there he started to chase me saying he wants me.

The nurse said the word truth makes him crazy. And i don't know why but at that moment i covered my ears and screamed the word truth as loud as i could and then poor psycho guy was on the ground crying his eyes out and screaming so loud it made me sad.

Then i woke up.....weird.

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